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Nuts akin to cashews may be referred to as because the world’s healthiest foods. Cashew whacky or kaju ar a superb supply of supermolecule, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Cashews ar packed with wonderful health advantages if taken at intervals limit frequently.

Here ar some reasons why cashew whacky create a superb alternative and you ought to not eliminate them from your diet:
Heart health

Nuts akin to cashews ar sensible for your heart. this might flow from to followng reasons – whacky ar naturally cholesterol-free, however caontain sensible amounts of wholesome fats, fiber, supermolecule and essential amino acid, that protects the inner lining of artery walls.
Bone health

Cashews contain Ca, atomic number 12 and K that provide protection against bone demineralization. Cashew whacky conjointly contain naphthoquinone, that is nice for bone health and immunity.
Eye health

Cashews contain high levels of xanthophyl and carotenoid (antioxidants), that defend the eyes from light-weight injury and might even facilitate decrease the instance of cataracts.

Eat whacky to chop mortality risk from prostatic adenocarcinoma

Blood diseases

Consuming cashew whacky in a very considerable quantity will facilitate stop blood diseases because of copper content in it. Cashews ar rish in copper, that deficiency will cause iron deficiencies akin to anemia.
Weight loss

Reseach has shown that substitution animal fats and proteins with the mono-and unsaturated fats found in cashews will facilitate in weight management in addition as cut back the build-up of fat and cholesterin within the heart..